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Toyota Vigo, L200 Triton and Navara Experts

Update 2013. Mitsubishi has upgraded Triton with more horse power. Please email/call for more details and pricing.

Mitsubishi Triton

The new "Triton" 1-ton pickup truck has replaced the 2005 Strada after a full redesign. Triton is assembled at Mitsubishi Motors local facility in Laem Chabang, Thailand. Following the Thai launch on August 25, 2006, Mitsubishi plans to ship it to other countries and regions. Orders are pouring in at Mark Motors and we plan to export more Tritons to more countries and regions than Mitsubishi just as we outstripped Toyota in Vigo sales. Triton models are powered by a newly-developed common rail direct injection diesel engine that delivers high outputs while returning low consumption, clean emissions and quiet operation.

The major features that distinguish the new Triton pickup are: An original and stylish exterior/interior design that adds a sporty dash to pickup toughness; packaging that provides a best-in-class roomy interior living space; and suspension and interior appointments that realize sedan levels of comfort and ride. These elements serve both to highlight the originality and advanced qualities Triton brings to the pickup segment and also to eliminate the commonly held image of a pickup being a vehicle design purely for commercial use. As such, these characteristics are expected to make a major contribution in expanding the customer base for Mitsubishi brand pickup trucks. Triton is fitted with the Pajero's 2. 6 and 3. 2-litre Di-D turbo-diesel engines.

The new L200 gets two engine options, including the latest in common-rail fuel-injection technology and turbo-charging: 2. 5 and 3. 2 liters to make it an effective competitor to the Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Hilux Vigo and Chevrolet Colorado.

The 3. 2-liter engine is new for the pickup line and is an improved version of the one used in Mitsubishi's Pajero midsize sport-utility vehicle. It becomes the first diesel in the segment with a displacement over 3. 0 liters.

As with the current range, the new truck offers a choice of single or double cabs, two- or four-wheel drive, and manual or automatic transmissions.

The Thai Mitsubishi division wants to make the new L200 the most powerful pickup available, toppling the 163-horsepower, 3. 0-liter D4D diesel offered by Toyota. Likely outputs for the Mitsubishi light truck could be as high as 175 horsepower.

Mitsubishi has made Thailand the global hub for pickup production.

Mitsubishi Triton Features


The progress in development of safety chassis RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) greatly increases your safety while keeping shocks to the minimum. In case of a crash, the structural build of chassis will absorb the shocks and disperse them all over, resulting in maximum protection available to the passengers. The build structure of interior passenger room has been designed to ensure the maximum strength available. An extra SIDE SHAFT has been installed in order to minimize the extent of shock which may occur in case of a side crash along with a new bigger chassis in order to absorb all kind of shocks and provide the maximum protection in case of a front crash.


Anti shake system in 4WD Model

A new model of anti shake system is being introduced. Double storey coil spring along with anti shaking rod helps in having the most comfortable driving experience for a SUV. The rear anti shaking system has also been designed to perfection guaranteeing smooth drive on either a normal road or Off Road.


The 4WD system of The New Mitsubishi Triton has been tested on the racing grounds of DACAR ensuring the quality and best performance of the system. The EASY SELECT4WD or ES4 provides you with the maximum freedom in all kind of driving experiences. You can easily choose and switch to all of the modes (2WD, 4WD or 4H) by yourself according to the road condition and situations.

High 2WD Mode (2H) This is the normal mode. It is to use for driving on normal roads. Only the rear wheels will do the walking and resulting in lower fuel consumption

High 4WD Mode (4H) This mode is used to drive on unleveled roads and the kind of surfaces where only rear 2WD power won't be enough

Low 4WD Mode (4L) The best choice for Off Road Driving Experience


The ABS system works by checking the sensors on each wheel separately in quick order of 1000times/sec. When applying the brakes suddenly or on a wet road, it will provide the maximum protection by not locking the wheel and will give you the maximum control according to your necessity.

Mitsubishi Single Cab
Mitsubishi Mega Cab (Extra Cab)
Mitsubishi Double Cab
2006 Mitsubishi Triton
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